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ad astra

to the stars

Ad Astra is our individualized, competency-based academic year-round enrichment program. Each 9-weeks, based on our pre and post assessments, students, MAP guides (educators), and parents select the academic competencies they would like to enrich in the classroom and/or at home. These competencies are then used to create what we call...a genius MAP. 

MAP's are the academic guides, filled with a variety of coursework, activities, and experiences that require Mastery, Autonomy, and Purpose, MAP. Our geniuses will harness grit, hard work, and a growth mindset to successfully traverse their unique pathway to genius. Students and families will have autonomy and ownership of their learning, unleashing their academic potential with grit, identifying their purpose, and nurturing their passion. 

we are giving students more opportunities to master the math and reading skills they will need on their next level - here's how:

individualized goals and support


autonomous learning


incentivized growth

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