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we believe that empowering parents is key to unlocking a child's full potential.

At Genius, we are dedicated to strengthening the collaboration between parents and schools. We believe that by supporting parents, we enhance the educational journey for every child. Welcome to Genius Squad, where partnership meets potential.

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Coaching Participate in coaching sessions designed to enhance parenting skills, communication, and understanding of child development. Led by certified coaches, these sessions focus on fostering positive parent-child relationships.

Workshops Dive into interactive sessions where expert educators and psychologists provide insights and practical strategies. Topics include effective communication with teachers and fostering a growth mindset at home.

Community Connect with like-minded parents who share experiences, insights, and support. Engage in forums, webinars, and social events to foster meaningful connections with other Genius Squad members.

Resources Access our genius collection of educational materials, recommended reading, and tools to support your child's learning journey.

Our online library offers articles, videos, and expert advice. Seamlessly access resources and support through our mobile app. Stay connected on-the-go, receive timely notifications about upcoming workshops, and explore exclusive content.

One-on-One Support  Schedule consultation to address specific concerns or seek guidance on your child's educational journey. Receive tailored advice on creating an optimal learning environment and understanding academic milestones.

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