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peak      parenting

Peak Parenting is one our most essential programs. Enthusiastic parental support is one of the key components to student success - without it, genius cannot grow. 

Program Goals
  • empower parents as community leaders & essential components to their student's holistic success

  • build positive connections between families and schools

  • create a supportive collective engaged in nurturing children's well-being and academic success

Program Preview
  • In-School Volunteering

  • Connection to and Creation of parent-identified resources to promote holistic student support and success

  • Parent strategies to:

    • Promote a learning environment at home

    • Monitor a student’s class progress

    • Watch for academic at-risk signs

    • Encourage positive homework or study habits

    • Teach students how to create academic goals

Generational Genius
  • Individual support for parents and older siblings who are looking to advance and enrich their educational experiences and careers

    • High School/GED

    • FAFSA Completion

    • Job Seeking/Career /Resume Support

    • Connection to existing childcare and transportation resources

    • Connection to resources for parents who are co-learning with their genius and growing their language and literacy skills together

levels of engagement


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Participation in volunteer program to help teachers, administrators, students, and other parents.


Effective forms of school-to-home and home-to-school communications about programs and genius progress.


Inclusion of parents in school decisions, developing parent leaders and representatives.

Shared Decisions

Provide information and ideas to families about how to help students at home with homework and other genius-related activities, decisions, and planning.

Learning at Home

Identify and integrate resources and services from the community to strengthen school programs, family practices, and student learning and development.

Collaboration with Community

become a peak parent

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