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We Value

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All students can grow their capabilities, and that belief influences student outcomes. We believe that student learning outcomes are subject to the prior expectations educators, families, and communities have of them, therefore, we expect great things.

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We foster an environment that celebrates curiosity —one that leads to a deeper understanding of our students, our communities, ourselves, and of education as a whole. We believe curiosity is the engine for innovation. It is what motivates us to ask questions, research answers, and discover new things. We believe in continually developing innovative solutions that provide learning experiences that are meaningful, relevant, and accessible for all students.

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We define grit as the ability to persevere in the face of difficulty until goals are met. We believe in challenging ourselves to become more than we are today - to endure and persist over time on a journey towards accomplishing big and hard things.

We also recognize that developing grit in students is not a replacement for eradicating poverty, racism, and school funding inequities that exist , and work diligently to remove institutional barriers that students and their families face.

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To provide our students with the best opportunities, we empower families and communities to be more actively engaged in the educational lives and outcomes of their children.

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