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what is a nebula?

Imagine a giant cloud of colorful dust and gas, floating in space. That's a nebula, and it's a special place where stars are born! In a cosmic dance, dust clouds swirl, tiny fragments clinging together. These glowing giants ignite, transforming into the stars that light up our night sky.

Just like a nebula cradles and protects baby stars, our program, Nebula, aims to do the same thing for each student. We provide a safe and supportive environment where students can learn, grow, and make friends. We offer social-emotional lessons and activities, helpful guidance, and a warm community that celebrates unique talents and helps each genius shine bright!

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Each week, our dedicated team hand-delivers 30-minute, CASEL-recognized social-emotional learning (SEL) lessons directly to your child's classroom. These interactive sessions are designed to support students as they:

Explore their emotions: Learn to identify, understand, and express their feelings in healthy ways.


Build resilience: Navigate challenges with confidence and bounce back from setbacks.

Forge strong relationships: Develop empathy, communication skills, and healthy collaboration techniques.


Become problem-solvers: Equip themselves with critical thinking and conflict resolution skills for a brighter future.

Nebula goes beyond individual growth. We foster a supportive community where each child feels seen, heard, and valued. Through regular SEL surveys and check-ins, we collaborate with educators and families, creating a seamless network of care that extends beyond the classroom walls.

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